Most of the things I’ve written over the years:

Review of “The Roots of Culture, the Power of Art. The First Sixty Years of the Canada Council for the Arts” by Monica Gattinger. Cultural Trends. 2018. 27 (2): 147-148 LINK

How can the 52% get what they want without damaging the arts? OpEd for The Stage. 2018. LINK

Governance Models for Cultural Districts. A report for the Global Cultural Districts Network. 2018. [with Anna Marazuela Kim] LINK

Review ofLandscape and branding: the promotion and production of place” by Nicole Porter. Cultural Trends. 2018. 27 (1): 50-51 LINK

The Arts Council wants to know what you think, but will it listen? OpEd for The Stage. 2018. LINK

Re-Imaging Service Organizations. Decolonizing Canadian Dance. A report for the Canadian Dance Assembly. 2017. [with Melissa Wong] LINK

The art of soft power. A study of cultural diplomacy at the UN Office in Geneva. A report for King’s College London. 2017. [with Melissa Nisbett] LINK

Review of “Curated decay. Heritage beyond saving” by Caitlin DeSilvey. Cultural Trends. 2017. 26 (4): 353-355. LINK

Love Theatre Day is one of many ways of attracting new audiences. OpEd for The Stage. 2017. LINK

Arts’ top tier remains dominated by the privileged few. OpEd for The Stage. 2017. LINK

Six stories the latest NPO round tells us. OpEd for The Stage. 2017. LINK

Government reviews are unsatisfactory and contradictory. OpEd for The Stage. 2017. LINK

Is Arts Council’s plan to measure quality £2.7m well spent? OpEd for The Stage. 2017. LINK

Who better supports artists—Americans or Brits? Artsy Editorial. 2016. LINK

A move towards self-determination. Arts Professional. 2016. LINK

Awareness versus engagement. Arts Professional. 2016. [with Georgina Chapman] LINK

Are ticket giveaways for teens the best use of arts funding? OpEd for The Stage. 2016. LINK

Racial/Ethnic and Gender Diversity in the Orchestra Field. A research report for the League of American Orchestras. 2016. LINK

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Review of “The science of evidence-based policy making.” by Paul Cairney. Cultural Trends. 2016. 25 (4): 297-299. LINK

Looking at Londoners. Arts Professional. 2016. LINK

Brexit is just the start of the war on culture. OpEd for The Stage. 2016. LINK

The civic role of arts organisations: A literature review for the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. 2016. LINK  PDF

Review of “An encyclopedia of myself & Museum without walls” by Jonathan Meades. Cultural Trends. 2016. 25 (2): 142-144. LINK

Has Arts Council England abandoned its dreams? Feature for The Stage. 2016. LINK

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Culture White Paper – arts policy hasn’t evolved in 50 years. OpEd for The Stage. 2016. LINK

[I contributed one of these] Four observations on The Arts (2015) by Jeremy Corbyn. Cultural Trends. 2016. 25 (1): 57-65. LINK

A Portrait of the Artist as an Unpaid Man. Blog for CVAN. 2015. LINK

Out of Obscurity: Reflections on a year of CultureCase. Arts Professional. 2015. LINK

Culling data geeks is a short-sighted policy. OpEd for The Stage. 2015. LINK

The Partnerships Puff: How I researched the history of partnership in the arts. Arts Professional. 2015. LINK

CultureCase: Academic Research in the Cultural Sector. A reflection on evaluation for CVAN. 2015. LINK

Step by step: arts policy and young people 1944–2014. 2014. A report for King’s College London. LINK  PDF

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A Reflection Upon Speed Conference at the “Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference” hosted by the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, 17th-19th December 2004. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology. 2005. 16: 128-130. LINK  PDF

I am also the junior half of the team behind badarchaeology: a website exploring aspects of pseudoarchaeology and its place in the mainstream media. The man who should take most of the blame/credit for the site is the brilliant Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews