Culture Manifestos for GE2017

I am back in Public Service Mode. No deprecating commentary this time, just the links.

Here is an assortment of manifestos prepared by UK arts and culture folks in advance of the 2017 General Election. Please notify me of any missing ones.

The Heritage Alliance

Creative Industries Federation

Museums Association

Cultural Learning Alliance

UK Music

National Campaign for the Arts

National Society for Education in Art and Design

One Dance UK

UK Theatre and Society Of London Theatre

Music Venue Trust

Bob and Roberta Smith

Royal Shakespeare Company

Culture Counts (with a Scotland perspective)


Once all the political party manifestos are out I’ll be pitching to the usual places with my take on them as an assemblage. Here are the the main ones:

Labour and Conservative and Liberal Democrat and there is literally nothing worthwhile or interesting to say about them.

Meanwhile, go and depress yourself by reading Democracy for Realists by Achen and Bartels.