Culture and the Environment Special Issue of Cultural Trends


The journal Cultural Trends ( is intending to publish an edition in March 2018 dedicated to ‘Culture and the Environment’.

This issue will address policy themes across the two areas, recognising that recent years have seen increasing over-lap, from artists tackling environmental degradation in their practice, through to economists adopting approaches from both fields to help conceptualise the value of non-market goods. The editors welcome critical, evidence-based contributions from those working not only in arts and cultural policy, but also in such fields as environmental science and ecology, sustainability, sociology, political theory and economics. It is envisaged that possible topics would include (but are by no means limited to) the following:

– What kinds of impacts do the cultural and creative industries have on the environment, and how successful have policies been to reduce or ameliorate them?

– How effective is culture in encouraging sustainable thinking and behaviour? Is there any evidence that cultural consumption/participation leads to people becoming more informed about the environment or behaving more sustainably?

– Claims have been made for both the natural environment and culture in terms of improving the well being of citizens. How can research approaches in one sector inform the other?

– To what extent, and how successfully, can artists and creative professionals conceptualise, challenge and communicate environmental issues such as global warming and sustainability?

– Attempts to ascertain the economic value of arts and culture are similar to those methodologies applied to the natural environment. What lessons for cultural policy can be learnt from their application to the environment?

If you are interested in submitting a paper for consideration for the edition, or any other questions, could you please get in touch with the guest editor, my friend Tom Campbell ( before the end of December 2016 with expressions of interest/abstracts – and do please forward to colleagues and associates. He is guest editing the issue alongside the Editor of Cultural Trends, Professor Sara Selwood.


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